自分と向き合い、夢を叶える! オラクルカード&ヨガニドラーワークショップ

Guided Meditation – Yoga Nidra (English)

Guided Meditation – Yoga Nidra (English)

We will begin the class with breath work, gentle movements and poses, followed by guided meditation, in which you will lie down on the mat in a completely relaxed state with eyes closed, focusing on a set of verbal instructions to tune your awareness inward. Yoga Nidra is a therapeutic method of deep relaxation and helps to alleviate physical exhaustion, stress, and sleep deprivation, and is perfect for tired travelers!


Drop in 3,000 yen
Rental Yoga Mats 300 yen /per

Class Schedule and Booking

Guided Meditation – Yoga Nidra Third Monday 12:30pm-13:45pm
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